‘I Know It’s Early,’ Reports 8:30 GSI For Remainder Of Semester

Roe, trying to articulate to her students that she too is tired.

Stating that she still expected her students to be ready to work, GSI Kelsey Roe informed her STATS 250 lab section that she “understood the class was early,” as she would repeat each session for the remainder of the term.

The class, which is slated to start at 8:30 every Tuesday, will feature iClicker questions, worksheets, and a reminder from Roe that she “feels your pain.”

“I know many of you might not be awake right now,” Roe informed her class of 26 undergrads for the first of exactly 14 times. “I’m in this class just like you too, we’re gonna have to work through it.”

“Maybe try drinking a little coffee,” she noted, in every continuous class period until December. “I myself drink green tea every morning.”

Her students, many slow to attention in the early meeting, stated that they have no issue with the weekly reminder, and in fact many did not comment at all.

At press time, Roe was apologetically reiterating that everyone should be eating a snack before a class this early morning, and that everyone should try to “work with her” to be alert and attentive at this early hour.

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