New McDonald’s Menu Item Just Two McPick 2’s

Customers reportedly smiled as they left McDonald’s with one McPick Two in each hand.

McDonald’s has announced a new promotional menu item that allows customers to purchase double the number of McPick 2’s at a discounted price.

The company, which modified their previous slogan to read, “let me get Two McPick 2’s,” has already rebranded their packaging for the offer.

“McDonald’s main initiative is to offer a great meal at an affordable price,” spokeswoman Jane Fitzhenry told reporters. “We saw the popularity of the McPick 2’s and thought, hey what if we sold two of those?”

The deal, which comes with fries and a drink, allows customers to order any two burgers of their choice and then an additional two burgers.

“McDonald’s has always been my go-to place when I need a quick bite,” said customer Randy Erickson who purchased a Quarter Pounder and a Filet-O-Fish in addition to a 10pc Chicken McNugget and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. “Getting two of the normal McPick 2’s is a huge money saver and practically a no-brainer.”

McDonald’s also plans on rolling out other new promotions like Buy One Get One Happy Meal Toy, Large Fry Silent Auction, and Free McFlurry Upon Entry.

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