Premier Conversationalist Points Out That August Just Flew By

Mann was reportedly shocked at the speed with which September was passing as well.

A man thought to be the greatest conversationalist of his generation recently pointed out at a backyard gathering that, “August just flew by this year.”

Jared Mann, who until now has not been recognized for his communicative gifts, revealed his uncontested abilities at a party last Thursday evening. Unprompted by fellow party attendees, Mann commented that, “August just flew, I mean how fast did this month go?”

The comment puts Mann among the most talented elocutionists of his time, considering the cadence and originality of his statement. “I was almost brought to tears,” says fellow party attendee Steve Teller. “Because the truth of what he said just cannot be ignored. August literally flew!”

Mann is especially cognizant of the function of time, space, and perception considering that August is one of the longer months of the year. Having taken two weekend trips and finishing his internship during the month of August, Mann notes that “the month got away from him before he knew it.”

At press time, Mann was expounding on how cool it got this late in summer.

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