Tree Much Creepier At Night

Moonlight reportedly makes the tree "particularly spooky."

Local residents of Evanston, Illinois have reported that the large tree on the corner of Howe Road and Ferree Street is “way scarier” at night.

The tree, which stands about thirty feet high, serves as a meeting point for the community during the day, but is completely avoided at night.

“I love that tree, and I grew up right down the block from it,” commented Rick Knowel. “But I would never go near that thing after dark. It’s gets sort of terrifying.”

Although the tree is considered a local landmark and an effective shaded picnic spot, most people only spend time under it during daylight hours. Area teacher Anna Michaels noted of the local birch, “you can’t help but feel like you’re going to get murdered under that thing at night.”

“There’s a memorial bench under the tree,” continued Michaels, “I sit on it all the time when I wait for the bus, but I wouldn’t dare to after 8 p.m. I bet the guy it’s dedicated to haunts it.”

According to residents, the tree, which remains innocuous during daylight hours, “whistles and howls in the wind at night.”

“The tree on the corner of Howe? No way would I go near that thing.” commented Len Gannon of the nocturnally sinister tree, “The branches turn into talons if you’re walking by it late enough. I take the long way home around that tree if I’m coming home after dark.”

At press time, it was still too early in the morning to go near the tree.

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