University Ensures Building Renovations Will Preserve Racist History

The updated buildings will maintain their aura of oppression and intolerance.

Looking to improve the university through publicly-funded renovations while also staying true to its past, the University of Michigan announced that it will ensure ongoing campus renovations will preserve the racist history of the buildings. As the University continues to update buildings in order to keep up with the times and provide the most cutting edge resources to students and faculty, officials have made note that they will work to preserve the very storied legacies of its racist founding fathers.

“We want students and alumni to rest assured that as we update our campus to remain at the forefront of social and technological innovation, we will not touch the bigoted and blood-soaked history that underlies the campus,” stated Jack Abramson, Director of Outreach for campus innovation. “The names of these buildings are a part of our history here at the University, and to override that would be to disavow the generous contributions these benefactors have made in the name of educating the white ruling class.”

While some might argue that focusing on campus progress might mean sacrificing the core values of those who have helped shape the University over the years, the University has made great strides to ensure that it remains true to the memories of its forefathers.

Abramson was adamant that acclaimed University patriarchs such as Fielding Yost and C.C. Little, a noted advocate of eugenics would not be lost. “C.C. Little has become a name synonymous with the pursuit of knowledge, integrity, and the perfection of the human race through controlled breeding. That’s not something we’re just going to take away from his legacy.”

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