White-Tailed Deer Marvels At Lone Dad Urinating In Thicket

The dear was awestruck by the dad's apparent love for its offspring and steady stream of urine.

A white-tailed deer was recently spotted stopped in its tracks to marvel at the glistening skin of local dad Mitch Wit as he urinated off of his porch into a thicket of wildflowers.

According to sources, the deer was left seemingly breathless by the dad’s gleaming hide and appeared to be taken aback by the sounds of his classic rock radio station.

The sight of the dad taking a piss onto the landscaping caused both the deer and its young fawn to pause in a clearing for some time in order to further observe the dad in his natural habitat.

The white-tailed deer was seen making slow and silent movements, presumably in an attempt to keep from startling the father as he went about his normal routine.

After noting the deer’s presence, the dad motioned for his kin to join him on the porch. The deer continued to watch the father with curiosity as the his herd gradually grew larger in number.

The deer later hustled into the woods so as not to frighten the father of four, and gazed from a distance as the dad paused to take a drink from his plastic water bottle.

After some time, the dad was seen returning back to the safety of his home

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