Women’s Crew Team Scouting Union Elevator As Potential Walk On

The women’s crew team is reportedly scouting the Union elevator as a potential walk on to the team this season, according to sources close to the team.

“We’re always looking for new people to try out,” said team captain Courtney Robell. “Anyone who is physically fit and taller than 5’7” has the potential to be the missing link on our team, and the Union elevator, the one that dings on each floor, has all of that criteria.”

The crew team has seen a low try out rate in recent years due to the club sport’s demanding practice schedule coupled with the lack of available scholarships. Though the elevator has not spent anytime on the Huron river, team members are confident the piece of machinery will catch on quickly and have a great time at regattas.

“Fortunately the elevator already has a work-study job chaffering students around,” said Robell, “So it doesn’t need scholarship.” In addition to having the strength to propel a lot of weight vertically, the elevator, which stands seven feet tall, can add much-needed height to the team roster.

The elevator, which also has experience deadlifting and running long distances, was not available for comment.

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