Area Man Gets All His Best Ideas While Watching Others Shower

Walsh brainstorming ideas for his upcoming presentation.

After being asked to explain his brainstorming process, area man Jordan Walsh told reporters that he comes up with his best ideas while watching other people shower.

“Life is full of distractions. It can be hard to get a clear mind when there’s so much stuff going on,” said Walsh. “But sometimes, all it takes is a mindless activity, like staring at another person as they lather their naked body with soap, to ignite that creative spark.”

The 33-year-old business executive admitted that he dedicates one hour every day coming up with new ideas whilst watching his friends, co-workers, and “whoever else doesn’t notice” scrub their unclothed bodies free of dirt.

“My job is to deal with problems,” explained Walsh. “It isn’t normally a straightforward process. I’m always on the lookout for inventive solutions. And every now and then, that solution is hiding in the shower section of the men’s locker room at Planet Fitness.”

He later went on about how he sometimes even takes direct inspiration from the person he is watching shower.

“Take last week, for instance,” continued Walsh. “I never would have come up with the idea to integrate marketing with sales if I didn’t watch my friend Chris integrate washing his hair while taking a shower piss. That was an ingenious move on Chris’s part, if I do say so myself.”

At press time, Walsh was petitioning to install showers in the office in an effort to increase workplace productivity.

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