Couple Agrees To Talk About Future Sometime In Future

Deciding that “it’s really important to have good communication in a relationship,” local couple Evan Davenport and Emma Zhang agreed to talk about the future at some point in the future.

“Some big changes could be right around the corner, and we need to be prepared,” explained Davenport. “That’s why Emma and I agreed that soon, whenever is convenient and completely obligation-free, we should talk about what’s to come.”

The couple discussed their inevitable conversation over coffee before leaving to attend to other commitments.

“That’s right,” commented Zhang, later adding, “It’s soon going to be time to decide if we have a future together, so that if the time to say goodbye comes nobody gets hurt. Evan and I need to talk, eventually, about that.”

“The two of them are great together,” reported Charlotte Foster, a close friend of Zhang’s. “I think they should definitely stick it out, even get married. When I told Emma, she told me they’d probably talk about it soon! I’m so excited for them.”

Zhang and Davenport have been dating for five years, and both agree that, down the line, they should discuss what comes next for them as a couple.

Citing the fact that their life paths might diverge in as little as a few months, the couple emphasized the importance of discussing their possible future together at some point before then.

“I’m applying to medical school soon, and who knows where I’ll end up. It’s just not fair to Evan if we don’t talk about us if we end up being long-distance; we really need to have a conversation about this, whenever that happens organically,” Zhang said.

The couple reportedly decided the issue would likely work itself out, eventually.

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