Freshman Discovers Issues Educational Theatre Company Did Not Prepare Him For

The ETC crew did however provide important information on de-escalating a hostile situation with a roommate.

Reports confirmed last Tuesday that LSA freshman Derrick Goodwin had concerns about issues that the University of Michigan’s Educational Theatre Company did not brace him for during his summer orientation.

“Yeah, the skit about unpacking concerns with roommates was good,” Goodwin told reporters. “But what about explaining the ambulance charge from welcome week to my parents?”

Goodwin believes ETC has positively influenced some of his decisions post performance. “I know that UHS is free for students, and I also know how easy it is to schedule an appointment thanks to them,” Goodwin continued. “But I’m still not sure how I get the vomit stains out of my bed sheets.”

“My friend just got his second write up from DPS, and he doesn’t know what will happen if he gets a third one,” Goodwin described. “I dozed of during the performance, so maybe I missed it when they covered that.”

Although ETC tries to cover an array of concerns freshmen may have on campus, Goodwin insists there are still some missed areas.

“I’m really glad to have some tools on how to work in diverse groups,” Goodwin acknowledged. “I hope next year they consider including a sketch about how to switch your roommate after he fucks your girlfriend.”

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