Friends And Family Close To Gun Confirm He Was Quiet, Reserved

Despite being crafted to shoot bullets into living things, the weapon had a clean record up until this point.

Following a recent mass shooting that resulted in the death of dozens of Americans, friends and family close to the gun confirm that he was quiet and reserved.

“It’s hard to imagine he could do something like this,” said family member Amy Peirce of the machine that fired 500 rounds per minute into an unsuspecting crowd. “There were no warning signs, nothing.” The gun, which was purchased along with several other rapid fire weapons last January, was said to rarely leave home and enjoyed a relatively simple life.

“He went to the shooting range every now and again to blow off some steam,” Peirce added. “But otherwise he was never violent or aggressive. Despite being seven pounds of potential destruction, he never wanted to harm anyone.”

“I wouldn’t say he was necessarily a loner,” said close friend James Orville of the rifle that slaughtered countless innocent civilians in cold blood. “He was always tucked away in a gun locker in the company of other handguns, throwing knives, and semiautomatic rifles.”

“I’m just shocked that he could do such a thing,” Orville continued to say of the firearm that came with a six times zoom scope and an extended clip. “I would never have imagined.”

The gun’s family plans to honor the gun’s legacy with memories of all the times he was used for good.

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