Get This: Guilty Pleasure Equivalent To One Hour At Gym, Or Three Hours, Whatever You Need

In an article shared online yesterday, studies have found that vices have the same health benefit as spending one hour at the gym, or three hours, or more if you need it to be.

The study, which tracked participant’s health over the course of six weeks and may not exist, determined that giving into a previously thought unhealthy behaviour can have the same effect as exercising for as many as several hours on end. Look like you don’t have to feel so guilty after all!

“We determined that succumbing to the allure of various guilty pleasures can have significant health benefits that range from the equivalent of taking a yoga course to the equivalent of spending two hours on a stationary bike,” said Catherine Hessman, a reporter in charge of the writing the article that contained no statistics or results. “It’s really assuring.”

The article, which explained in detail the properties that make unhealthy behaviour so beneficial without citing a source, concluded that doing this vice is a viable replacement of spending any number of hours at the gym. Working out could be replaced with drinking alcohol, eating sugary desserts, and a myriad of other unhealthy behaviors.

“It’s comforting to know that all sorts of things I previously thought were bad for me can have the same positive effect on my well-being as things that I am unwilling to do,” said area woman Jenna Hipwell. “Anything to help afrim my behavior.”

At press time, research teams were attempting to prove that ignoring problems really does make them go away.

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