Honda Fans Outraged After CR-V Snubbed At J.D. Power & Associates

Honda heads were devastated by the committee’s decision.

Following a night filled with shocking and questionable results, Honda fans were outraged as the Honda CR-V found itself going home empty-handed at the 59th Annual J.D. Power & Associates Awards.

“Of course I’m mad that the CR-V got snubbed,” said self-described Honda junkie Terry Nash. “But honestly, what else can you expect out of a rigged competition? If you ask me, the voting committee is a bunch of anti-populist, German auto loving bureaucrats. It’s clear that they’ll use any excuse to keep outsiders like the CR-V out of their elite circle.”

The CR-V received seven nominations, including one for the coveted title of ‘Best In Class.’ According to sources, it was largely viewed as a crowd favorite to sweep the sports utility vehicle category. But as the night went on, car enthusiasts everywhere were baffled as the Honda automobile lost out again and again to what many viewed to be less-deserving SUVs, like the Volkswagen Atlas.

“I think just about everyone was confused by the decisions made tonight,” said Volkswagen owner Tammy Warner. “Don’t get me wrong—I love my Atlas. But if the CR-V’s redesigned features and available turbocharged engine aren’t enough for it to win ‘Most Dependable,’ then what is?”

At press time, Honda executives were struggling to come up with a new ad campaign that didn’t involve listing their awards.

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