Local Woman Expecting Promotion To Position With More Subtle Type Of Workplace Harassment

Gordon was eager to take on more responsibilities and deal with more systemic forms of sexism.

After consistently winning over new clients for the company since she was hired, area woman Linda Gordon is expecting a promotion in the next couple of months to a position with more subtle types of workplace harassment.

Gordon, who works for a law firm, believes she has the industry knowledge and client relationships to earn herself a promotion where harassment is slightly more veiled by managers and coworkers.

“Linda is a valuable asset, and shows partner potential” commented Greg Freeman, who manages Gordon’s group. “Right now the rest of the lawyers and I usually make comments about how her body looks in pencil skirts or asking her to lighten up and put a smile on that pretty face, but pretty soon her seniority will resign us to less overt harassment strategies.”

Upon her promotion to managing associate, Gordon is hoping that the constant sexism hurled her way will take the form of senior executives asking how her family manages when she stays at work so late, or the occasional too-long hug.

“I’m really looking forward to getting more responsibility, and I hope to be taken a bit more seriously, despite my gender,” commented Gordon, adding “or at least if the men in the room felt like they had to be less obvious about their objectification of me I’d be happy.”

At press time, Gordon was purchasing a higher cut sweater as to not make her male coworkers uncomfortable.

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