Student Org E-Board Really Reaching With Goals For Year

The MPC, pictured here, biting off way more than they can chew.

Sources have reported that several members of the Maize Performance Coalition, a student theatre troupe, were of-put by what they described to be “completely unrealistic and over-the-top” goals which were set by their executive board.

Such goals included increasing their advertising presence, putting on more performances per semester, and making more of an effort to participate in community outreach.

“It just seems like such a stretch,” said sophomore actor Nichole Presley. “We’re only 3 years old as an organization, we don’t even have a Maize Pages account. How do they expect us to sell out the Mendelssohn Theatre for our end-of the year show? This is just a group of kids who couldn’t get into a better theatre group, I think the e-board is being a little optimistic here.”

The Maize Performance Coalition was founded in 2014 by local students who didn’t have the time to commit to other, more established theatre groups. They typically perform once at the end of each semester, with practice every Saturday.

“I just signed up because I did theatre in high school and thought it was kinda fun,” said junior member Tyler Borren. “All I wanted was to act on weekends and have a few parties to go to. But now they want us all to increase our commitment levels just to feel more important. I didn’t realize I’d have to turn my life upside down to be part of this group.”

Craig Moore, president of the theatre troupe, reported that the leadership team “just wanted to do more with this amazing group of actors.”

“We feel that this group is really special,” said Moore. “We may be small compared to other theatre groups on campus, but there’s some real talent here that deserves to be shared with a larger audience. It might be a little extra work but I’m sure our members will be happy to do something for their favorite student org.”

“Yeah, this is totally just Craig trying to impress everyone,” relayed treasurer Andrea Simmons. “Like, none of this stuff is going to pan out but we figured we’d at least throw him a bone here until he gets of our back.”

Simmons concluded by stating that the group will be lucky if they can get more than 10 likes on their new Facebook page.

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