The Real Spirit Of Halloween Was Inside Us All Along

Inside each of us there exists a spark, a flame burning bright, igniting our spooking, goopy cores. This, I believe, is the spirit of Halloween.

This flickering spirit exists inside each and every one of us. While we keep firm smiles pasted on our exteriors, the true essence of this holiday lives within the chilly walls of our exterior. There, among our organs and slime, gleams the honest light which is Halloween.

This holiday is not about consumerism. It’s not about tricks or treats or making children scream. This holiday is about the scintillating glow of Halloween we find within our orange bodies. It’s about keeping this flame of holiday spirit alive. Even if kids try to stomp it out or critters try to eat it away, we must keep it burning bright!

Halloween doesn’t have to be about candy. It doesn’t even have to be about costumes. It’s about the warm glimmer illuminating all the slime and guts and seeds inside of us all, that shines forth and is apparent to all onlookers during the spooky weeks we call October.

Indeed it’s clear, within our cavernous, rotund bodies, the hallowed spirit of Halloween twinkles.

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