These Retractable Pens Sure Are Neat-O

A lot of people like to bring up that in all my years of education activism in Michigan and around the country that I never actually set foot in a public school. These claims are just untrue. In fact, I just went to one of our nation’s intercity public schools, and boy the retractable pencils they have are nothing like I’ve seen before.

The lead refills are inside the pencil and they come in all of these super-swanky colors. Where were the defender of our broken system when this pencil order was put in? Because although our system and broken, and can only be fixed with more private catholic schools, these pens were a great idea.

But oh jeez, I digress. Teacher’s Unions want to ruin handicap every young mind in this nation. New policies from this administration want only the best for everyone, especially those fortunate enough to live outside of the inner city. My goodness, the clicky sound on this pen is awesome! Do all public schools have these? Would you mind if I took one for the road?

It’s time to give the power back to the states to decide about funding for our K through 8s and our decrepit high schools. And if those states want to funnel money into for-profit colleges, then so be it! Most work is done online anyway and these pens will be made obsolete! Which is sad, because they have a nice heft to them and it’s just so fun clicking it in and out.

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a student with the odds stacked against them win a lottery to attend a charter school they won’t have the resources to keep up in, except of course these pens. Oh look, it’s even got your little school’s name on it! How cute.

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