3-By-5 Note Card Going To Have To Pull Some Serious Weight On This Exam

Matthews is pretty sure the quadratic formula will be given.

According to sophomore Jacob Matthews, the 3-by-5 note card allotted for his EECS 305 final is “basically going to have to hold the entire team up.”

Matthews explained that, at an unknown point in time, the note card somehow became the only thing standing between him and “completely bombing the entire exam.”

“I wasn’t planning on relying entirely on a small piece of paper to pass this final, but it looks like that’s where we’re at,” said Matthews, who was reportedly confident in his ability to fit an entire semester’s worth of information on the card.

Matthews admitted that while actually studying for the exam may have been more helpful, the information contained on the small piece of paper was “going to have to be good enough.”

Matthews added that while he doesn’t particularly understand all the equations written down on the card, he’ll “probably figure it out when he gets to the exam.”

“Yeah I really have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this class but this note cards got a lot of info on it and it’s color coded so I think that should be fine,” Matthews said.

Matthews was later seen wondering if perhaps he could fit more words in between the words he had already written.

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