Amazing! These College Students Went To The Same High School!

You’d almost never believe it because it happens so rarely, but these university students actually come from the same town and went to high school together!

Meet Kyle Sheahan and Carlos Dominguez. Of course, they’ve already met, having gone to school together ever since the 6th grade. While they were never close friends, they were all smiles and hugs when they ran into each other at a Saturday morning tailgate.

Don’t believe it? Neither did their friends, at first. Students at large universities almost never see anyone they knew before college, so their claims of kinship were met with measured incredulity. But rest assured, investigators confirmed that they had indeed been mutual facebook friends since 2011.

Boy, the other partygoers must have been blown away with amazement when they found out. It’s so hard to meet and talk to new people sometimes, but it’s like these two have a leg up in the small talk department! They can talk about anything from old teachers to other tangentially mutual friends to how their college experience differs from high schoolcompletely bypassing the normal name, year, major talk most of us are used to with strangers.

Of course, the odds that the plans Kyle and Carlos made while hammered to get lunch next week will almost certainly fall through. But it’s just so wild that these two people who were previously acquainted by circumstance ran into each other at a college party. Life is certainly full of surprises!

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