Eric Trump Reminds Secret Service To Call Him ‘Big Dog’

‘Big Dog’ Trump, seen here exiting Air Force One with his two small dogs in tow.

In a recent conversation between the Secret Service Director, Randolph D. “Tex” Alles, Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, and Senior White House Advisor, Stephen Miller, the First Son reiterated that he would prefer his detail address him strictly as “Big Dog.”

“I want all internal communications to use my code name,” Eric Trump told his advisors. “I expect to hear ‘Big Dog is on the move’ every time I leave the White House.” The president’s son also reminded the secret service that he intends to “confuse the enemy by making ‘code green’ actually mean ‘code red.’”

“I really want these army guys to use my secret lingo,” Eric Trump told reporters. “I want them to know the 10-4 about Operation Clean Slate when the eagle has left the nest,” he added while pressing a finger to an imaginary earpiece. “C’mon, please?”

Alles commented, “we do not use code names on American soil,” and, “Eric has probably watched too many action movies.” He continued, stating that, “young Mr. Trump does not need to sign his emails or end phone conversations with ‘Big Dog over and out.’”

Eric Trump reportedly offered various top officials a slew of other suggestions for his family such as “Ace” for Donald Trump Jr, “Snowqueen” for Ivanka, and “Little Bear” for Barron Trump.

At press time, Eric Trump was seen shouting “tango down” from the White House deck.

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