Dude, I Really Like Your Shoes

Dude, I really like your shoes.

Honestly, most of the shoes you rock are pretty bomb. You must have a shoe guy or something, haha. Nah, I’m just kidding. I know you don’t have a shoe guy. But if you do actually have a shoe guy, could you shoot me his number? That’d be pretty loud of you.

I gave you my number during that welcome week party, right? That was a banging night. I know you haven’t really texted me since then, but school has been crazy so far, right? For real if you could sauce me your shoe guys digits, I’d really appreciate it.

Are those kicks domestic, by the way? They seem to have that classic American feel, but maybe a little bit of European flair as well. If I know you well, and I probably don’t, I’d say you’re the type of guy that looks to Milan and Paris to see what styles you should whip out next.

But I’m rambling a bit. I mean, we’re just talking about shoes here. It’s not like it’s that shirt you wore last week, which was woke. You remember that shirt? The one with the stuff on the front? That was a sweet shirt. I could talk about that shirt for hours. Awesome shirt.

Oh you’ve got to go though? Yeah, me too actually. I’ll be in my room for a while checking some stuff out, but seriously don’t go stepping into mud and ruining those shoes or anything, or I’ll kick your ass! Haha nah, I’m just playing. Yo, have a super good day, though. It’s pretty sunny out right now, so maybe go hang outside. Anyway, good to see you, dog. I’ll catch you later!

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