Hero! This Brave Colander Saved A Whole Pot Of Noodles From Drowning!

Amazing! There may be some pure good left in this world. The sieve you see pictured above is personally responsible for saving the lives of an entire bowl of pasta noodles that would have otherwise drowned. It’s incredible to see so many individuals so greatly indebted to just one being, but that just goes to show that there are heroes left in our communities.

The bowl’s worth of noodles had been simmering in the torturously hot stove pot for nearly 10 minutes before a great and unknown force sought to flush them down straight to hell through the sink drain. Thankfully, this courageous kitchen utensil was here to save the day.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 2 or 3 noodles that didn’t make it into our stouthearted sieve. Despite the sieves best efforts, in any case like this, there are always a few souls that don’t make it. We can only imagine the kind of internal torture the heroic colander is feeling knowing that it couldn’t save everyone. Hopefully, the multitude of lives that were saved will provide enough emotional nourishment to overcome the lost ones.

This beautifully true story of bravery and heroism reminds us all that even in a world full of horrors and monsters, there is good as well. Perhaps there lies a hero in each one of us. After all, if a simple colander can be one, why not me? Why not you?

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