Latest Season Of The Voice Only Thing Holding Family Together

The Finemans tuning in at 8/7 central.


Following the premiere of the 13th season of NBC’s The Voice, the Fineman family has announced that the syndicated competition reality show is the only thing keeping them from totally falling apart.

The Voice, which features celebrity judges, has won multiple Emmy awards in addition to keeping the Finemans from lunging at each other’s throats. The family of five gathers to watch the musical hopefuls and their coaches battle for the winning title once a week. The weekly ritual is often the only thing the faltering family can agree on in the wake of Mr. Fineman’s broken leg, daughter Clara Fineman’s brush with the law, and son Anthony FIneman’s refusal to continue taking piano lessons.

“I just love that Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys. They really have an ear for talent,” commented Sandra Fineman, later adding, “The Voice is a great activity for all of us to enjoy, especially because it shuts my ungrateful daughter up for about an hour and a half excluding commercials.”

George Fineman, who’s job at the plant will likely be in jeopardy in light of the company’s recent cutbacks, thinks the Voice is a fun way to relate to his children. “It’s fun to pick up on the lingo my kids are using,” he told reporters. “It’s easier to do it this way too because my children don’t talk to me much outside of this.”

At press time, the family was excited to text in their votes for finalists knowing full well that they were going to argue over their cell phone plan usage limits before the end of the month.

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