Man Wondering If It His Job To Notify Facebook Of Friend’s Death

Monroe, making a personal note to include deactivation information in his will.

Following the tragic death of his hometown friend, Facebook user Alex Monroe was left wondering if it was his job to notify Facebook of the untimely passing.

“I know someone needs to update Justin’s Facebook profile so that it has that little ‘remembering’ thing at the top,” reported Monroe. “I’d imagine his family’s caught up with funeral preparations and stuff, but shouldn’t someone let Facebook know?”

Monroe remembered his friend Justin Alvero as having been “a close enough friend for him to feel the dull pain of loss, but a removed-enough peer to feel some responsibility in handling the logistics of his online affairs.”

Despite this, Monroe acknowledged, “I don’t want his family to think I’m overstepping or jumping the gun by giving Facebook an early alert. Then again, if someone doesn’t know his password, his profile is going to be up forever.”

Monroe continued, “this is probably how most people will find out Justin’s gone. If I were him, I’d want that Facebook update to go up sooner rather than later.”

Though Monroe reportedly didn’t know Alvero well enough to determine what he would have wanted, he settled on writing a heartfelt post on his wall “just to get the ball rolling.”

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