Parents Teach Children About Importance Of Understanding Everyone’s Microwave Works Differently

The Ludgers, impressing upon their child the fact that not everyone’s kitchen appliances function exactly the same.

Feeling that their children are old enough to talk about these kinds of things, local parents John and Amy Ludger taught their children that everyone’s microwave works differently.

“I know there’s a lot going on in the news, and you’re probably hearing about this stuff in school,” Amy said to her oldest son. “But we want you to understand that everyone’s microwave works differently, and that’s perfectly fine.”

“Some people have microwaves that are big, some have microwaves with more watts, some even have microwaves that don’t spin the food around, and that’s fine. It’s natural,” said John, patting his youngest child on the shoulder. “Nobody’s microwave is better than anyone else’s, they’re all just different. Okay?”

The parents were also careful to explain how some microwaves have dials for the time, while others have a button labeled “Microwave Express” that adds 30 seconds to the timer. “It’s important to take the time to learn how other people’s microwaves like to be used, or else there might be problems,” Amy explained.

“We want to encourage you both to understand how your own microwave works, before you go fooling around with other people’s microwaves,” John said delicately. Mr. Ludger was hopeful that his son had learned a valuable lesson after their talk about some microwaves being set on the counter while others were installed over the stove top.

At press time, the parent’s concluded that their children were not old enough to hear that everyone’s shower is unique.

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