Unclear If Man Scratching Nose Across From You Trying To Convey Salient Information

He must be trying to tell you something, right?

Reports indicate that it remains unclear whether the man you are in conversation with is trying to convey salient information by scratching his nose. Despite the gesture happening in a seemingly communicative way, it remains uncertain whether he is trying to tell you something important, and if so, what that something is.

This man, who you’ve reportedly known for a brief amount of time through your friend Alex, engaged you in conversation after running into you downtown. After a couple of minutes of talking, however, the man reportedly made a deliberate and grandiose display of itching his nose, marking a graceful trace of the bridge before nudging his nostrils with the backside of his knuckle for a few moments.

While the man made no mention of the action and continued with his story, it remains unclear whether he is trying to give you some sort of heads up that could be understood by a subtle nonverbal cue.

Reports indicate that the motion could have been a scratch, but analysis has hinted that he is trying to signal that you in fact have something on your nose that you should take care of it promptly. Other reports claim that perhaps he is trying to alert you to something in the nearby vicinity, an attractive girl or something else, something more obscure or completely ineffable, using nonverbal nomenclature you aren’t familiar with.

At press time you are scratching your nose furiously, and making a quick scan of the area around you to make sure you didn’t miss something from this guy.

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