Washtenaw Rock Actually Prettier Without All That Paint On It

Passerby reportedly thought the famous rock should “try the natural look more often.”

Sources have reported that, despite current societal standards, the rock on the corner of Hill and Washtenaw is actually prettier without all of that paint on it.

“The rock really doesn’t need to cave in to the standard of what sediments are supposed to look like,” said sophomore Rachel Murray. “I feel like society teaches us that rocks need to have all this paint on them, but it is gorgeous just the way it is,” added Murray who is currently the president of a student group advocating for promoting a more positive self-image for everyone.

Despite claims that the rock is, “most beautiful in its natural state,” it is often heavily decorated with fun patterns or statements by extra-curricular groups on campus.

“What people don’t realize,” said Murray, “is that this all feeds into society’s idea of what a pretty rock is. But I think it’s important for people to understand that sometimes a rock can just be itself and that shouldn’t decrease its self-worth.”

Murray stated that many students on campus have been wondering what the rock would look like if “someone just wiped its surface clean and the rock looked just like it did when it formed.”

“I think if people finally had the chance to see the rock’s raw beauty then maybe we wouldn’t have to try and cover it up with a different design every weekend,” Murray later stated.

At press time, New Life Church was painting the rock for the seventh time this week.

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