Airbnb Announces It Moving Headquarters To Two-Bedroom Apartment Five Minutes From Downtown

Once again relocating after a short stay, $30 billion company Airbnb has announced that it will be moving its headquarters to a two-bedroom apartment just five minutes from downtown.

“This move really aligns with our principles and best reflects our values here at Airbnb”, said CEO Brian Chesky. “Moving our 800 employees to a fully furnished apartment owned by a lovely couple close to local transit stations shows how much we believe in our product”.

The space is also said to have free Wi-Fi, cable, and a private bath. Additionally, the homeowners claimed that they are “okay with a few guests,” but require that all noise stay in the unit. The residents are reportedly open to representatives of Airbnb moving around the two twin size beds, table and four chairs to maximize space. Unfortunately, they ask that “no moving trucks clog up the street” and have therefore banned the company from moving their supplies into the new headquarters.

The luxurious condo features a kitchen, which is reported to balance out the fact that the Wi-Fi router can only accommodate seven devices at a time. The corporation, which prides itself on its commitment to a sharing economy, hopes that the one parking spot can be shared by all employees not using public transit, conveniently located just two minutes away.

At press time, Chesky and the Airbnb team were locked out of the house and unable to get in contact with the hosts.

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