All Of Younger Cousin’s Toys Destroyed By Now

In an observational study done this morning on a local younger cousin, every one of Caroline Dhar’s Christmas toys have already been destroyed.

“We got her a Furby thing,” reported aunt Martha of the toy she bought the five-year-old. “We’re not quite sure how it’s supposed to sound or move, but it does not do what the commercials made it look like it would.”

Other more high-tech toys that are considerably out of the younger cousin’s age group were also reported destroyed. The BB-8 droid that requires an app to use was attempted to be fixed by a tech-savvy teenage cousin before it was determined that it would not hook up to Bluetooth.

“I gave her a hand-me-down doll,” reported a younger sister of the toy that Caroline lost on Christmas day. “No one can find it and she was really upset at first, but I think she forgot about it.”

Other ruined toys include a lego set that has been scattered about the house, a jump rope that is now knotted, and every single stocking-stuffer the girl received.

Reports indicated that even though it is too cold outside to use her new bicycle, the younger cousin had still managed to pop a hole in one of its tires.

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