Campus Tour Group A Brief Glimpse Of Person Student Used To Be

Clark had always hoped to make it to a dance performance.

Seen walking around Mason Hall, the Diag, and other popular campus locales, prospective student tour groups have been known to serve as reminders of how much optimism and hope has been lost since enrolled students began their time as freshmen at the University of Michigan.

“They’re always so happy,” noted sophomore Michael Clark, a student who frequently passes prospective students touring the Fishbowl as he walks to his three back-to-back classes in the basement of Angell Hall. Clark, who once reveled in the activities and resources available to him, barely finds the time to get to an improv show with the amount of work he has.

Clark noted that as the high school seniors walk through the lobby of Mason Hall, they are almost always excitedly talking to their parents and clutching shopping bags from the M-Den. “I’ll pass and I’ll wonder, ‘was I ever that happy?’”

Students have noted the glimpses of their former selves always seems to be touring academic buildings right before a term paper is due. “I saw a group on the steps outside Rackham while I was walking back from class one morning,” confirmed junior Michelle Bloom. “They were so excited about going here. They didn’t even care that it was 35 degrees outside.”

Bloom stated that she will often walk by groups and want to scream specific instructions at the prospective student groups. Bloom remarked, “I want to tell them, look for easier schools with the same kind of football games, if that’s what they’re really into.”

At press time, prospective students touring Ross couldn’t believe how pretty it was.

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