Entire Folk Band Accidentally Wearing Same Beanie

Three out of five band members also showed up in similar turtlenecks.

In breach of the unspoken “one hat per group” rule, all five members of folk-rock group The Plural Nouns accidentally showed up to their NPR Tiny Desk concert wearing the same knitted beanie.

“We all thought they were pulling a joke given this sort of esoteric, high-production quirkiness is really a hallmark of the genre,” said concert host Bob Boilen. “Then, we saw the genuine hurt in their eyes. Five guys, all buying hats to look unique but wearing the same beanie? That’s one’s gotta hurt.”

Band member Patrick Davenport stated that the coincidence was “quite shocking” given that everyone had purchased the beanie at the same store the day before. “I’m honestly unsure how we didn’t all run into each other at Anthropology,” Davenport added.

Davenport later took to social media to share his feelings regarding the incident. “Everyone knows I’m the beanie guy,” tweeted Davenport. “It’s my unique personality totem. To think that Alex, Marcus, Sean, and Alexander would all go out and buy the same beanie is frankly heartbreaking.”

“I get why Pat’s upset, but he’s gotta know this was an accident. Sometimes, as a group, all ten of our ears get cold indoors,” reported Marcus Le Marque, the band’s lead singer. “Apparently, we all just have a nearly homogenous style of artistic expression.”

Industry sources were quick to jump at the news recommending the band “diversify their style,” and questioning why “beanies are even necessary in an sweltering indoor venue.” A Rolling Stone column suggested that “a quick poll in the group chat,” could have easily helped the band avoid this dilemma.

As of press time, members of The Plural Nouns were each unknowingly getting identical “crossed arrows” tattoos in an effort to differentiate themselves.

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