Interviewee Just Assumes Innovation One Of Company’s Values

Edgewood is excited to make a difference at such a renowned firm.

Scrambling to produce any meaningful commentary on Tech Lite, the company with which he was interviewing, area man Nick Edgewood “went out on a limb” and praised their commitment to innovation.

“I would say the main reason I want to work at Tech Lite is that, you know, the company’s values truly align with my own,” Edgewood reportedly stammered. “Like, for example, Tech Lite strives to come up with fresh, new ideas and is on the cutting edge. I think that kind of innovative thinking is really, like, valuable.”

Sources close to Edgewood said that he later circled back to this point by asserting that innovation “sets Tech Lite apart” from the competition. This occurred despite the fact that Edgewood was not only unaware of who Tech Lite’s competition was, but was also not able to remember what Tech Lite truly did.

“Honestly, I applied to this position pretty randomly when I saw a posting online, and when I got an interview, I was like ‘oh, okay,’” said Edgewood. “I briefly looked them up the night before. When I got to the interview, I could only think to say that they were best-in-class, that their products were state-of-the-art, and that they were a leader in the field. No idea whether any of that’s true.”

At press time, Edgewood learned that he had progressed to the next round of interviews, as his interviewer was impressed that Edgewood understood that “innovation is what we’re all about.”

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