Man Playing Basketball In Asics Clearly Brought Along By Friend

It was reportedly evident this man just came to have a good time.

In a recent report from a local rec center, sources say that it’s abundantly clear that the man playing basketball in beaten Asics running shoes was brought by a friend. According to several of the players in the casual Saturday afternoon pick-up game, the man’s carefree attitude and a weak grasp of the rules made it clear that he must’ve been a guest of one of the regular attendants.

“I don’t know who he came with, but he had to have come with someone, right?” said Eric Chapman, one of the players on the opposing team. “Who just wanders into an athletic activity so unprepared? He was wearing cut off shorts and old running shoes.” Added Chapman, “His laces were tied in these big floppy loops, and he had crew socks on. I don’t know where he was going after this.”

One of the other players, Don Stamper, seemed puzzled by the man’s general demeanor. “He didn’t seem to really know what was going on, but he seemed to be smiling a lot and having a good time.”

“I’m assuming he came with the guy in the yellow shirt, cause I saw them talking before the game, but I mean, c’mon, how else would this guy have gotten here?” “Maybe he’s from the church group, or something? Who has that kind of lackadaisical attitude towards their daily activities?”

At press time, the man was reportedly engaging in casual conversations with whoever seemed to be standing near him, and wiping sweat with a bandana procured from his cargo short pockets.

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