Popular New Musical Just 90 Minutes Of Picking Chairs Up And Putting Them Back Down In Different Spots

Pictured: Chairs transformed to represent the weight on the characters’ shoulders.

Sources have reported that the popular new musical taking Broadway by storm this season is just 90 minutes of the actors dramatically picking up chairs and putting them back down in new, slightly different spots.

“Swing City Nights,” which opened in the Broadhurst Theater this September, involves at least 30 different chairs, at one point all on the stage at the same time, being moved in and out of various configurations. The chairs are accompanied by enthusiastic cast members, who are all outfitted in character shoes and panty hose.

“The show is absolutely revolutionary,” said theater critic Jerome Alducci. “At one point one of the rebellious characters picked up a chair, threw it down on its side, and then sat on top of the legs, as if the character didn’t even realize it was a chair that he could put upright and sit in normally. He completely transformed the object, it was beautiful.”

Though the characters have little dialogue, the story is reportedly conveyed through abrupt and slow movements of chairs over the actors heads with occasional tossing to signal violence. The innovative show received raves from audience members.

Sally Harris, a Boston native reported “I never knew where on the stage the chairs would be placed next. It’s a fun show.”

“I’ve never been in a show quite like this one,” said lead actor Henry Wright. “The athleticism required is insane, and each chair requires a different strategy. For those 90 minutes, they’re not chairs. They’re a story.”

At press time, the director was reportedly workshopping a new play which featured only spotlights circling the center of curtains.

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