Restaurant Patron Botches Meticulously Rehearsed Order In Front Of Waiter

Pictured: Robinson completely blowing it.

After repeatedly going over her order in her head and muttering it quietly several times under her breath, restaurant-goer Nora Robinson was reportedly “horrified” after still managing to mess it up in front of the waiter.

“I’ve been to Mezzi’s Pasta and Pizzeria multiple times,” said Robinson. “I know the ziti has onions in the sauce and I meant to ask to get it with alfredo instead but I was too focused on listening to the specials.”

Robinson, who used her finger as a mechanism with which to point out the desired menu items to the waiter, is said to have mistakenly placed an order for “macaroni & cheese with a side of bean greens” making it difficult for her to determine her original order.

“I’m just so mortified that those words would even come out of my mouth, especially in front of a professional member of the restaurant wait staff,” said Robinson over the meal she has decided to tolerate. “I managed to correct myself a little bit, but then I forgot about the onion thing and just asked for more bread for the table.”

Sources confirmed, Robinson had placed her drink order smoothly and without problems only moments before.

“At the beginning of the meal, things were going great,” the 26-year-old commented of her relationship with the waitstaff. “It was only when it came to ordering the main course when things took a turn for the worse.”

At press time, Robinson was at the door of the restaurant, stealing a to go menu so she could highlight the meal she wanted for next time.

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