Student Wishing Voice Crack Did Not Happen During Discussion Of Rwandan Genocide

Griggs was shaken up by his vocal faux pas.

Local sophomore Bobby Griggs has recently expressed his disappointment that a poorly timed voice crack happened during a discussion of the Rwandan Genocide.

The alleged voice crack occurred while Griggs was discussing moral differences between Tutsis and Hutus.“The last time I had had a voice crack was during fucking puberty or something,” said Griggs of his recent regression which, “could not have come at a worse time.”

“Of all times, of course it had to be during a damn discussion of one of Africa’s most tragic civil conflicts,” said Griggs. “I would rather pee myself in front of all my friends while discussing football than ever experience that again.”

Eyewitness reports say that Grigg’s voice crack was met with a respectful, pitiful silence, and that the discussion section tried its best to carry on despite being first hand witnesses to “what sounded like a thirteen year old talking about the girl he likes.”

“It was just so sad,” said sophomore Katie Gallo. “Talking about the Rwandan Genocide is bad enough, but the voice crack on top was all the more tragic.”

“I let everyone down,” said Griggs. “I can’t believe I tarnished the sensitive legacy of this historic atrocity. Don Cheadle will never forgive me.”

Griggs is reported to have later hiccuped during a discussion of genital mutilation.

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