False Advertising? The Calorie Count On This Water Bottle Doesn’t Account For When You Eat The Plastic

Who would have thought that water companies have been lying to us for years? It’s true, though, because all of their water bottles say that they contain zero calories, but, if you eat the plastic, there’s a whole load of calories in there. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself, and you’ll quickly realize that water bottles are extremely energy-dense foods.

A water bottle containing zero calories is a really nice thought, but it’s completely unrealistic. Imagine! Being blissfully able to engulf that sharp, tasty plastic and consume none of the calories that come with it. Impossible!

If I told you that pizza contains zero calories, or that corn-on-the-cob contains zero calories, would you believe me? No! So why would you believe that the sweet, crunchy plastic of a disposable water battle has zero calories? It doesn’t make any sense.

Believing that plastic water bottles have zero calories is like believing that glass water bottles have zero calories. If I could eat those tangy glass bottles without metabolizing any of the calories, trust me, I would. But it’s pretty obvious that the main reason you shouldn’t eat glass is because of the calories, so it should be pretty obvious that those delicious plastic water bottles are chock-full of calories too!

Believing everything that you read on nutrition labels can be extremely misleading, especially if you are reading the nutrition label of a water bottle. Eating that melt-in-your-mouth plastic is a great after-school snack, but next time make sure to factor in the calories before you eat three or four, entire bottles.

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