Junior Pretends She Applying To Job For Reason Other Than It In New York

Jane is hoping she can leave work early for a weekend in the Hamptons every so often.

Following a brief discussion with a TechEx representative at the Winter Career Expo, junior Jane Boliver reportedly acted as if she is applying to their internship for any reason other than it being in New York.

Boliver, who recently declared a communications minor, is putting on a facade of interest in the position for the company’s dedication to innovation and core values. The fact that Boliver’s boyfriend has lived in lower Manhattan since his graduation is apparently not a factor in her decision.

“I just love the culture at TechEx,” said Boliver, feigning ignorance of the office’s location, “Their commitment to the company mission really inspires me in a way that makes me feel like I would thrive there.”

Boliver’s friends were reportedly not buying into her simulated unawareness of the cosmopolitan lifestyle that would accompany the internship. “She says that she just wants to get experience in a fast-paced office environment, but whenever I mention that they have an office in Ann Arbor she says something about wanting to be in the thick of it,” remarked roommate Olivia Byrnes.

Despite the internship being unpaid and Boliver’s reliance on her parents for disposable income, she calls the experience of learning from the professionals at TechEx-NYC “invaluable” and “definitely not because it’s fifteen minutes from the MET.”

At press time, Boliver was second guessing the TechEx position in favor of an internship in San Francisco.

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