Minor Plumbing Issue To Result In At Least Fourteen Calls To Mom

The clogged sink had allegedly brought the whole house to a standstill.

Despite describing the incident as a “very minor ordeal,” LSA sophomore Darien Jones reportedly placed approximately fourteen calls to her mother in the time between discovering that her kitchen sink was clogged and it being fixed.

“I’ve never really lived in my own house before, so when I saw that the sink wasn’t draining, obviously I panicked and called my mom,” said Jones who later stated that her mother “always knows how to handle these kinds of things.”

Jones reportedly failed to seek out any other information online or to attempt to fix the problem herself before resorting to calling her mother.

Jones stated that her mom gave her a large amount of advice that she “never would have thought of herself ” including turning on the disposal and checking to see if something was stuck in the drain.

After many failed attempts at repairing the sink, Jones decided to contact her landlord but first opted to call her mother again and ask, “wait so, what exactly do I say when I call him, like, what do I ask?”

Jones received no initial response from her landlord but later called again after her mother suggested, “just leaving a message.”

The sink was reportedly repaired and functioning normally a few days and eleven phones calls later.

Jones concluded by stating that she was glad to have dealt with the problem “like an independent adult,” and to be free to move on with her other responsibilities such as paying the heating bill, “as soon as her mom sends her her social security number.”

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