You Guys Are Too Young For That One, Huh?

Oh, no one in here gets that one? No one has ever seen Chinatown before. Really, anyone? Ask you parents I guess, haha, they’ll get a kick out of it. It’s an old Jack Nicholson movie. Faye Dunaway is in it too, I think. Anybody even know who Faye Dunaway is? Oh, well, wow that shows my age, doesn’t it?. She won an Oscar for some movie in the 70’s, what was it, Bonnie and Clyde?

Anyway, it’s a great movie you guys should check it out! Binge it, as they say! I’m not sure if that movie is on Netflix. Does anyone know if that’s on Netflix? I suppose I can check once I get home.

Wow, I guess I’m old then. How old are you guys? When were you born? Man, I’ve been teaching for 18-20 years now. You know what, I bet there are a few of you in this room right now that weren’t even born yet when I started to teach. That’s a long time.

Boy, when I was your age, things sure were different. When I moved into my dorm there was no Facebook for roommates. Do you guys even use Facebook or is that just for parents now? We had actual landlines in our rooms… Have you guys even seen a landline before? I’ve been saying everyone should have to use a rotary phone, just so they know what it was like.

Geez, by the time my kids are in college things are going to be even more different. They probably won’t even recognize the world I came from. I guess that’s how it goes.

The world keeps changing and changing and we just get left behind like dust in the wind. In the end, everyone in this classroom will be fertilizer for generations to follow. But that’s the kind of thing that happens when you get older. You guys will go through that too one day. We all do.

You guys really should try to see Chinatown if you get the chance. Go to your local video store or summat. Do they even have those around anymore? I remember going up to the store with my brother and picking out a VHS. Hmph. Now even that Blockbuster on Airport Road has closed down… Wow, we really do all fade into oblivion, don’t we?

But I digress. Any other questions on the Burke reading?

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