Come On Now, We’re All Friends Here

Hey guys, come on now, let’s not get too riled up. We’re all friends here.
Think of that time we went to the lake house for a week. I mean I just drove up for that one Saturday because apparently there weren’t enough beds.

Remember how much fun that was? And Riley, you remember that time you got really scared watching The Hulk? I wasn’t there because you guys bought tickets in advance and it was sold out at the door but I heard that Allie had to cover your eyes. That was thoughtful of her, right?

Oh and don’t even get me started about that Super Bowl party I hosted. Sure, not all of you came but Allie did, and she was texting Riley the whole time to ask how the other party was going! You guys are besties, I mean for real, we’re all friends here.

Now let’s stop fighting and get back to pregaming. By the way where are we going tonight? Oh, Justin is having a thing? He didn’t text the group chat about it. Strange.

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