Distinction Between Alligators, Crocodiles Whether It Sees You Later Or In A While

Given that it has been a while, these are probably crocodiles.

Scientists have released a statement saying that the distinction between an alligator and a crocodile is whether “it sees you later orin a while”. It has been confirmed that alligators are more inclined to see you later, while crocodiles are often seen in a while.

“When you see the reptile there is a sure way to determine whether or not you’re in contact with an alligator or crocodile”, said National Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Katie Kim, who also suggested to take location and size into account when making the decision.

This claim is backed by the strong scientific evidence: “see you later alligator,” and “in a while crocodile,” which have been quantified and proven by scientists and statisticians alike.

Crocodiles have often been identified by their distinct toothy grin and tendency to live in saltwater habitats, whereas alligators are found in freshwater marshes and lakes. However, it appears that 95% of crocodiles are seen in a while, while 97% of alligators are seen later.

If you see an alligator later, it is encouraged that you evacuate the area immediately. Additionally, the public is warned to “never smile at a crocodile” nor to “tip your hat and ask it to stay awhile”, as they are known to attack humans.

It is unknown whether the common semi-aquatic reptilian ancestor was seen in a while or later.

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