Girlfriend Thinks It’s Time To Take Relationship To Next Relationship

Jenny wants whatever’s best for the relationship long-term, even if it means being with other people instead.

Stating that she felt the couple would be better this way, area girlfriend Jenny Kessler told boyfriend Mark Hughes that “it was time take this relationship to the next relationship.”

“We’ve been together for long enough,” Kessler told reporters of the couple’s time together. “I just think it’s time for us to take the next logical step.”

The relationship, which began in early November, featured its share of good and bad dates, which Kessler believes is an indication that it was time for the two to “move on separately, together.”

“We’ve been through so much together,” Kessler continued of the changing relationship. “It’s just like when you know someone for this long you start to feel certain ways, and I think we need to both go our own ways.”

Hughes felt differently, stating that he “likes things the way they are now,” and “wouldn’t want to rush things.”

“She suggested that we both spend more time apart,” said Hughes of his girlfriend’s plans. “I’m just not sure we’re ready for it. At least, I’m not.”

At press time, the couple had decided they can still be girl and boy friends.

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