Here’s Sean Kingston, Just In Case You Forgot

Picture this: you’re about to leave your house for a night out on the town. Before you go, you double check that you remember what’s important: your keys, phone, wallet, et cetera. But little did you know, you may have forgotten the most important thing of all. That’s right, you forgot about 2007 Teen Choice Award winner Sean Kingston and his short but illustrious discography.

Sure, you may have described an ex as an “eenie meenie miny moe lover”, or maybe debated calling 911 due to a “little shawty fire burning on the dance floor”, but did you remember to properly attribute these phrases to the artist born Kisean Anderson? Have you no shame?

My what a difference ten years makes. I have no doubt that at least one of your 32 songs on your old iPod Nano came from this glorious hunk of man. Surely you remember his sweet, sultry voice bursting through between your umpteenth listen of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Crank Dat Souja Boy”, don’t you?

Honestly, I’m pretty heated you forgot about the only person on planet Earth that successfully blended doo-wop and reggae influences on his hit single “Beautiful Girls”. Shame on you. Would you have even cared if he died in his catastrophic 2011 jet ski accident? Would you?????? This man should be heralded as the savior of reggae influenced pop. Look at him! Bask in the glorious light that seeps from his pores! Kingston is the way! The truth! The light! Praise be unto Sean Kingston, king among kings, god among gods!

Also “Dutty Love” is an underrated bop. Just saying.

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