Man Making Oscar Predictions Has Only Seen ‘Coco’

Gellick did rightfully note that Coco was a revelation and displayed remarkable cultural sensitivity.

Claiming he thought there would be a lot of upsets at this year’s Academy Awards, local man Dan Gellick could be heard making bold prediction after bold prediction at his viewing party, despite only having seen Pixar’s “Coco.”

Gellick’s predictions, which often favored “Coco” as a heavy favorite, were also concerned with several other films for which he had seen the trailers.

“Meryl Streep is obviously going to win for that newspaper movie,” Gellick told those sitting near him. “I mean, she’s a lock—as usual. But I have to say, I do feel sorry for Saoirse Ronan. Her acting was top notch.”

Guests of the Oscars viewing party reportedly saw through Gellick’s act.

“Yeah, he has no clue who Saoirse Ronan is,” commented party-goer Lara Pitt. “He didn’t even say her name sort of right.”

Gellick’s ignorance of nominations became apparent when he predicted that “Coco” would win best director.

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know that each category has different movies nominated,” added Pitt.

Eventually, Gellick began floating predictions for films that failed to receive any Oscar nominations.

“’Wonder Woman’ is an underdog, but I think it might just snag best picture from ‘Moonlight’ this year,” he asserted, looking around the room to gauge reactions.

At press time, Gellick mentioned that ‘Game of Thrones’ might “sweep all the acting categories.”

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