New Ford F-150 Commercial Just 30 Second Montage Of People Getting Punched In The Face

The new ad comes in response to Chevy’s wildly successful ad campaign showing cinder blocks being dropped onto truck beds.

Known to cater to a largely masculine demographic, the Ford Motor Company has unveiled its newest commercial centered around its popular F-150 pickup trucks, which is reportedly just a 30 second video of people being punched in the face. The commercial—clearly made to appeal to Ford’s largely blue-collar and male audience—features a rapid-cut montage of men of varying race and age, all getting hit directly in the face.

“We really feel like this commercial highlights the values of the Ford F-150,” stated company spokesman Dale Becker. “We believe our audience can truly connect with blue-collar mentality in this campaign, much in the same way that the fists in the commercial connected with people’s faces.”

Though opening up to mixed reviews, many industry pundits believe this commercial should be able to excite potential Ford customers and showcase the identity central to the F-150 brand.

“The Ford F-150 has always been about toughness— toughness of the American spirit and toughness of the individuals who own the vehicle,” wrote marketing blogger Gerald Thomas. “Ford, with its simplistic play of attaching owning an F-150 to the satisfaction of feeding some poor sap a knuckle sandwich, has really dug its roots into the working-class market with this one.”

The commercial, which features a variety of left hooks and hay-makers, all connecting with their intended targets’ face and which was set to the tune of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” conjures a message of power that, so far, has resonated with Ford’s target demographic.

“As soon as the commercial started, I just got this feeling of ‘ok, I get it,’” stated Ford F-150 owner Chad Bronson. “Right away when I saw that dude get clocked in his face hole I was drawn in, but then when a bunch of other people also got clocked it really solidified the message in my mind.

”While there is no official word yet on Ford’s next advertising play, rumors from the marketing development team hint that its next effort could involve the newest Ford Mustang and a bunch of horses doing it.

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