PNC Bank Security Questions A Little Bit Too Nosy

“When was the last time you cried?” seemed a little personal.

Acknowledging that while they “do appreciate the added layer of security when it comes to protecting personal information,” PNC Bank users have become increasingly frustrated with the company’s use of security questions that are a little too prying.

“I’m fine telling them who my first grade teacher was, or who I went to prom with each time I log in,” said longtime PNC customer Linda Johansen, “but when they start asking about my love life, or my relationship with my mother, well that just makes me a little uncomfortable.”

According to sources, among PNC’s most aggravating identity- authenticating questions have been inquiries such as: “which of your kids do you like the best?” “which of the following adjectives would you say best describes your marriage?” and “when was the last time you felt truly content?”

“Last time I logged into my PNC bank account,” said customer Jeremy Withers, “they asked me: ‘Be honest, which Pixar movies did you cry to?’ I’m not even sure how they know the correct answers but I put down Up and Wall-E.”

As to the alleged inappropriateness of their login authentication process, PNC provided the following statement:

“Customer privacy and security is a number one priority here at PNC Bank. That is why, in ensuring the identity of our customers, we find no problem with requesting information from our users regarding which qualities they don’t find attractive in their partner or if they feel they have lived up to expectations of their parents.”

Later, the popular banking mogul followed up with a statement detailing their security updates for the future, a series of developments which they are calling “Never Have I Ever.”

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