Seems Like Scarcity Of Croutons Not Only Thing Bothering Woman Yelling At Waiter

Gomes’s complaints about the strong draft probably were not really about the strong draft.

After chastising her waiter for upwards of eight minutes over the arrangement of ingredients in her salad, it is being widely reported that it seems like a scarcity of croutons is not the only thing bothering local woman Shelly Gomes.

Gomes, who is going through a harsh break-up and just missed out on a promotion at work, insists her anger is warranted and exclusively rooted in the fact that her salad only has eight croutons when there should be “at least twelve.”

“It ridiculous! You walk up to my table with this salad and disrespect me like this,” shouted Gomes at her unassuming waiter, “You never listen to anything I say!”

Joshua Albrighton, her waiter, was apparently shocked by the interaction. “I brought her out the salad and all of a sudden she was yelling at me about Julius Caesar and honor, and at one point I think she called me Jeremy,” said the member of the waitstaff. “It felt like her feelings may have been premeditated when I offered to add more croutons and she said the salad was further from saving than a long distance relationship.”

Yolanda Green, Gomes’ longtime friend and lunch date, recounted the events to reporters.

“She was really making a scene so I tried to get her to calm down and suggested that maybe the problem was bigger than the croutons, but she just responding by saying that it was about principle.”

Gomes was later seen crying into her salad assuring the manager she would “expose his two- timing ass on Yelp.”

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