Super Bowl Results No Longer Sustaining Small Talk With Coworkers

The nation’s coworkers are no longer interested in discussing Philadelphia’s historic first Super Bowl win.

Only weeks after the biggest night in American sports, it is being reported that the results of the 2018 Super Bowl are no longer sufficient as fodder for idle chat with coworkers.

The sporting spectacle is being glazed over by coworkers nationwide.

“Yesterday I asked Steven how he thought Tom Brady was dealing with the loss and he hardly gave me answer,” said Nathan Bennet, sales associate at Capital Partners LLC in Chicago. “I asked him the same thing last week and he at least mustered up a ‘pretty bad, I guess.’”

Bennet also told reporters how previously successful conversation topics such as the sack-fumble at the end of the game and “those eagles, huh?” were no longer holding up pleasant banter.

Even discussion of Justin Timberlake’s lackluster half-time show performance is failing to produce watercooler talk. “No one is biting on any Super Bowl chatter,” said Eva Kim, a lawyer based in Houston. “Even if I try and reminisce over Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction I get nothing back.”

At press time, the nation’s coworkers were already growing tired of talking about the Winter Olympics.

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