We Asked 50 Trump Supporters What They Thought Of His State Of The Union Address, And We Instantly Regretted It

On January 30, millions of Americans tuned in to watch the 45th president give his first State of the Union Address. Due to an absurd lack of judgment and refusal to accept our reality, we asked 50 of his supporters to share what they thought about Trump’s speech, and we instantly knew we made a horrible mistake.

We thought that maybe it would be important to hear all perspectives on the matter and gather opinions and criticisms of the speech from people on both sides of the aisle after such a watermark event. Maybe if we just tried, we could find some common ground. Boy, were we fucking wrong.

After the address, some of Trump’s loyal supporters told us things like, “No other president could get that many people to attend a speech,” and “It’s not his fault if a bunch of sissy liberals can’t handle the truth!” Seriously, what hell did we expect?  

We sincerely apologize to our readers for thinking this gesture would have provided them with the opportunity to achieve any sense of hope or united with their fellow Americans.

I am personally sorry that I ever expected anything positive to come out of this stunt.  It was unimportant and probably left us worse off than if we had not done anything in the first place.

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